wine tastings

After the Pleasurable Cycling Tours, Next up Are the Chianti Wine tastings

The hotel’s shuttle will bring our guests to the nearby world-famous wineries. There you will taste various wines, olive oils, and local delicacies. The respective winemakers will personally guide you through their wine cellar and winery.

For 2018 we chose various wineries for our guests. In addition to the experiences on the bicycle, we also guarantee an unforgettable relish for nose and palate.

The Chianti region and its more than 180 wineries offer a wide range of wines. Be seduced by the lovely vineyards and overwhelmed by the excellent wines and delicacies. The chosen wineries vary depending on the Ride & Wine week. Upon arrival, as a part of the welcome package, you will be informed which wineries will be visited in the respective week. On the following pages we will introduce our winemakers in greater detail to boost your joyful anticipation of the Ride & Wine week.

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